Our core products

Fixed Deposit

Users deposit ckBTC or ckETH into deposit vaults; assets are lent out to borrowers with their liquidity provision tokens as collateral. Depositors earn native interest in ckBTC or ckETH; the longer the deposit period the higher the interest rate they receive. Each deposit of ckBTC in the deposit vault gives the user an equivalent d.ckBTC token which is tradable, depositable as a liquidity pool and hence usable as a collateral for loans. The d.ckBTC is the token used to claim interest from the borrowers.

Borrowers are able to borrow from the ckBTC and ckETH in the vault and repay ckBTC or ckETH as interest to d.ckBTC holders

Collateralized loans backed by Liquidity pool tokens

A set of permissioned liquidity pools for swapping between ICP, ckBTC, ckETH, d.ckBTC and d.ckETH tokens can be used as collateral for loans .

Borrowers use their liquidity provision tokens as collateral and can borrow up to 80% of the ckBTC or ckETH they have in the collateral.

When swaps occur, borrowers share a percentage of the swap fees from the collateralized liquidity provision to d.ckBTC holders and a fixed interest on the principal borrowed that is deduced at point of borrowing. Each loan taken out against the collateral has a fixed borrowing period (from 1 week up to 2 months). Upon loan maturity, loan will be automatically paid back using the collateral. Borrower can also repay the loan manually before it expires.

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