All roads lead to the Moon!

(1) Incentivised testnet & mainnet

Dapp is expected to be ready for the community to kick the tires before the end of Q2 2024. We are preparing it as a mainnet launch but with test ckBTC tokens

All early contributions will be rewarded with a piece of ChainKeyX.

(2) More forms of collateral

As resaking on ETH and BTC matures, we aim to introduce this group of yield generating tokens as collateral as well.

(4) Introduction of NativeToken ($CKX)

A native token to govern the protocol and incentivise an optimal level of supply and demand for deposits. Additional utilities will be introduced in phases. Utilities include higher share of yield, higher liquidation ratio etc.

(5) Cross Dapp and cross chain liquidity

The eventual goal of CKX is to accept any liquidity pool token of any major DAPP on any chain as collateral for borrowing.

(6) Lending ckBTC and ckETH to on-chain ventures

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